Zinc Workflow Management

Zinc MAPS provides simple, intuitive workflows which allows for flexibility within the review process while maintaining strict compliance controls. Please navigate the interactive diagram below to find out how Zinc MAPS can revolutionise your approval system.

At the heart of Zinc is a dynamic and configurable workflow engine that enables a high degree of workflow flexibility based on specific client needs.

Workflows can be created to suit different materials, processes and regulatory requirements. Zinc also allows you to build ad hoc workflows yourself using our powerful graphical Workflow Builder.

Zinc also delivers pre-configured workflows based on standard recommended processes, categories of documents and different codes of practice around the world. From pre-defined flows and teams where process compliance is important, to more pragmatic workflows for materials where a lower level of rigour is required, Zinc can deliver a fast, intelligent and complete solution.

One model typically used in US implementations is called the Gatekeeper model, where the 'Gatekeeper' (often the MLR specialist, or equivalent) manages the review and approval processes. The model typically used outside the US is often called the Originator model, where the brand manager typically manages and facilitates the review and approval processes. The following tabs provide a simple overview of these two examples of standard workflows.