Zinc DAM

Zinc Telescope Digital Asset Management

In the new patient-centric world where successful management of exploding growth in rich digital and social media are critical to success, life sciences marketers require the most advanced capabilities to better position brands to achieve goals and optimize the customer experience.

Zinc Telescope Digital Asset Management (DAM) is a secure, private, cloud-based digital asset management solution that dramatically improves marketing efficiency, increases brand consistency, and accelerates return on marketing investment.

At the core of any development, product launch and campaign process is a vast array of content in multiple formats such as print, video, sound and rich digital. Content is required for multiple purposes such as packaging graphics, product images, promotional video clips, advertising, white papers, abstracts, presentations, posters, competitive information, clinical studies, multimedia graphics, and moreā€”the list is never ending.

Zinc Telescope solves the need for globalized marketing and resource sharing - providing regionalized and accurate content across your organization, enabling compliant re-use and re-purposing of material and accelerated time-to-market around the world.

Key features of Zinc DAM

Ensuring Compliance

Throughout all stages, there are regular occasions where approval workflows are required. Zinc Telescope enables the relationship between assets and workflow steps, including comments and asset versions to be permanently captured. Thus ensuring there is a permanent record and audit history of the projects and the interactions. Version control on the digital file and the ability to create derivatives which are related to the original asset support this process without compromise.


By using keyword, category, media type and other custom metadata filter searches, users are able to easily locate assets and view results with thumbnails. The preview area highlights easy-to-view video and audio content.


The download process is quick and simple both for single or multiple assets, following the rules assigned by the rigorous Zinc security model. Images can be converted into different formats prior to download, and any asset can be flagged to require approval before it can be downloaded. High speed, on-the-fly thumbnail and preview processing allows video and audio to be checked prior to download.


Zinc Telescope can store and catalog millions of media files. The permission model allows versatile digital rights management, so you never have to worry about unauthorized access to your organization's rich media assets.

Rich media can be inserted into Zinc Telescope using an intuitive drag-and-drop import interface which includes automatic metadata extraction to help you get up and running smoothly. The powerful file migration, replication, and distribution functionality enable media distributors to easily scale their media operations and distribution processes.

Assets and renditions are catalogued for local use, translation, internationalization and other variables and permissions are applied to control access to each asset. Powerful archiving processes, usage and expiry information can also be set to ensure that compliance integrity of Zinc's clients is maintained in an end-to-end manner at all times.


Seamlessly integrated with Zinc's product suite, Zinc Telescope Digital Asset Management facilitates rapid identification of any asset involved in Zinc MAPS jobs; easily enabling assets to be shared with affiliates so they are readily available for local use and translation while continuing to interoperate seamlessly with Zinc's reference library, claims library and gallery.