Zinc in Action

At Zinc, we understand that delivering timely content in an increasingly tough end-to-end regulatory environment is critical to our life sciences customers.

See how Zinc manages rich digital media to deliver a more dynamic customer experience and how we can help you 'Collaborate, Approve and Share' your way to corporate integrity and productivity!


Zinc is for everyone working within the rigors of an evolving compliance and regulatory environment. The Zinc Ahead Product Suite allows you to swiftly create, review, approve and distribute your documents and digital media through a comprehensive and easy workflow process while also enabling you to re-purpose your digital assets globally.


From early internal and external collaboration on a piece of content, through review and approval and onto sharing, dissemination and expiry, Zinc makes it easy to get people working together.


From websites and mobile apps to e-detailing and multi-channel distribution, Zinc manages the complete lifecycle of the rich media that is required to conduct business in the modern world with the gold-standard tools for digital on-line review.


Throughout the review and approval process, Zinc stores your digital assets in your own private cloud digital asset repository ensuring your materials are accessible to share with your colleagues within a safe and secure environment.


Complete with auditable reports, the Zinc Ahead Product Suite offers extensive benchmarking data for you to continually improve your review and approval and content management processes.