Zinc Services

Zinc is a Software-as-a-Service company and we believe the service element is every bit as important as the software. Zinc provides a wide range of services, from day-to-day user support to ongoing training, user forums, consultancy and benchmarking - ensuring our clients always get the most out of what Zinc has to offer.

We know you don't work nine to five, so neither do we. Our helpdesk is open 24/7/365 so every Zinc user can get help and support whenever they need it. Our helpdesk staff are all Zinc employees who have deep knowledge and expertise on every aspect of the Zinc application. We can provide helpdesk support in most major languages – so wherever you are calling from, whatever help you need, we're here to help.
All of our Account Managers at Zinc Ahead have worked in the life sciences industry, on either the client or agency side, before joining us. In fact, they have all used Zinc MAPS in their previous roles, giving them a unique and extremely valuable insight into how to get the most from a Zinc implementation. As a client of Zinc Ahead, you will have a named Account Manager who will help and support you from the very first day of implementation planning.
Zinc Ahead provides comprehensive support for every user of Zinc, via our Account teams, Helpdesk, live and online training. However, our experience shows that nothing beats one of our Account Managers being on-site during the first few weeks of a new Zinc implementation. It is for this reason that we provide on-site support as standard for each Zinc project, and continue to provide it as necessary on an ongoing basis: it's all part of the service!
Zinc training is designed to ensure that all of our users continue to get the most out of our compliance software, whatever their role. During implementation, we provide comprehensive onsite training, with live web sessions for those users unable to attend face-to-face. For existing users, we run regular refresher courses hosted by our team of expert trainers, while ongoing training is offered through online videos and e-learning. Click here to find out more about Zinc training.
Zinc Ahead provides a wide range of consulting services, covering the full scope of each Zinc MAPS implementation. These include:
  • Application hosting
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd line application support
  • Application training
  • Approval process consultancy
  • SOP development
  • Account Management
We can also provide specific guidance and decision support on compliance regulations and codes of practice, via the Decision Support service available to existing Zinc users.
As part of our commitment to offering genuine added-value, Zinc provides a benchmarking service that allows our customers to measure the performance of brands, functions, partners and processes against other participating companies across the globe. Our robust benchmarking data delivers the information you need to drive continuous process and performance improvement.
At Zinc, we believe user feedback is vital to the continuous development of our products and services. We hold bi-annual client forums in the US, Europe and Asia, where high-level Zinc users are invited to meet with our senior management and development teams. As well as being useful networking sessions for like-minded professionals across the life sciences industry, these forums are designed to allow users to share their experiences of Zinc, swap ideas and hear first-hand from the Zinc team about upcoming features and enhancements.
We know that many of our life sciences clients share the same challenges: actioning regulatory changes and interpreting codes of practice; improving efficiency and productivity; collaborating with global colleagues to maximize materials across markets; ensuring absolute compliance of your materials and processes. That's why we created ZincedIn: an online space where Zinc users and life sciences experts from medical, marketing, IT, quality, compliance and regulatory can come together to discuss their concerns, share best practice, seek advice from their peers and join topical debates. .