Zinc MAPS Training

Zinc Ahead provides comprehensive training for Zinc MAPS users to make sure that our clients are getting the most out of our commercial compliance software. To help you get started you can access our introductory ‘Fundamentals’ video - simply click on the button located below. In addition we offer practical live training, refresher courses, and online training modules.

Fundamentals E-Learning Module and Test

All Zinc MAPS users are encouraged to watch this short Fundamentals E-Learning Module covering the key features of the system. Viewing the Fundamentals E-Learning Module and taking the quiz will prepare you for the live Zinc MAPS training session that follows.

Register to watch the Fundamentals E-Learning Module and take the test

E-Training Modules

Zinc MAPS users have access to our bank of E-Training modules. Each short module provides a quick overview of a specific piece of functionality enabling our users to make the most of Zinc MAPS.

To access the E-Training modules please login to your Zinc MAPS site and within the 'Support' area on the left hand side of the screen click the 'Zinc Training' link.

Scheduled Training Sessions

If you are already a Zinc MAPS user, but could do with a refresher or may benefit from some advanced training, Zinc Ahead frequently runs training sessions especially for you. Take a look at our upcoming sessions and enrol in one that suits you.

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