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Omnicom Global Marketing Network of Agencies to Adopt SecureCHEK Screener to Systematically Shorten Review Cycles and Support End-to-End Quality Control

Zinc Ahead and Center for Communication Compliance (CCC) have announced a unique collaboration dedicated to quality and regulatory compliance in medical, legal and regulatory (MLR) promotional review. According to the companies’ principals, the Zinc/CCC collaboration delivers proven solutions to help the healthcare industry significantly increase business efficiencies, save money and manage risk.

Zinc and CCC’s first integrated offering is the SecureCHEK Compliance Screener, the industry’s first and only web-based tool to filter out non-negotiable, non-compliant elements from advertising and promotion prior to promotional review. SecureCHEK is a fast, cost-effective way for agencies and their clients to establish a common regulatory baseline and ensure that only high quality promotional materials enter Zinc’s cloud-based software system. Clients can also configure SecureCHEK to minimize rewrites due to variations or inconsistencies among different client reviewers.

Omnicom Group, one of the world’s leading global advertising and marketing communications holding companies, has already adopted SecureCHEK, making it the first network to systematically filter out non-compliant, non-negotiable elements in promotional materials using a web-based system. Omnicom is committed to excellence in healthcare communications and has more agencies dedicated to healthcare communications than any other holding company.

Zinc/CCC: Process and Content Deliver End-to-End Control

Life science companies are facing increased pressures to ensure that promotional materials meet strict regulatory standards and various local codes of practice around the world. “Agency partners that originate promotional material can help clients significantly reduce review cycle time and increase business efficiencies by submitting compliant materials at the outset of review discussions,” explains CCC President and Founder, Ilyssa Levins.

For this reason, agencies rely on CCC to prepare and qualify their account teams by ensuring fluency in fundamental regulatory content. CCC Regulatory Compliance Tests (RCTs), developed by former FDA officials and leading regulatory lawyers, close regulatory compliance knowledge gaps and confirm mastery over regulatory fundamentals.

Zinc’s cloud software supports the compliance process by empowering users to collaborate, approve and share content in real-time with colleagues and third-party agencies globally.

“Zinc’s key benchmarks and metrics enable our big pharmaceutical customers to analyze the quality and productivity of their internal processes and drive dramatic improvements resulting in efficiencies,” said James Brown, CEO of Zinc Ahead. “By integrating SecureCHEK early into the review process and catching potential problems at source, our customers and partners take another significant step in enabling continuous improvement for those 45,000 users who count on Zinc to optimize the overall promotional review experience.”

Omnicom Sets Standard in Content and Process

According to Omnicom Executive Vice President, Sharon Callahan, “Omnicom is dedicated to taking regulatory compliance excellence to the next level to enhance our clients’ business processes.”

In 2012, Omnicom partnered with CCC to become the first and only holding company to make a network-wide commitment to CCC compliance testing for all relevant healthcare communications agencies, with a focus on regulatory-compliant content excellence. To further ensure process excellence, Omnicom has developed a Zinc Super Users member group for its agencies to share best practices.

“Now with SecureCHEK, we further demonstrate to clients and to the industry that compliance excellence continues to be one of the highest priorities for our agencies,” concludes Callahan.

About Zinc Ahead
Zinc Ahead’s cutting-edge software is the leading private cloud compliance solution, designed specifically for the life science industry. Over 1,500,000 digital assets have been approved through the Zinc cloud, transforming the digital media development and compliance community in 170 countries. More than 45,000 marketing, medical and legal professionals are using Zinc daily, and our products are widely recognized as the gold standard in life sciences compliance software and rich digital media management.

Zinc empowers users to collaborate, approve and share content in real-time with colleagues and third party agencies anywhere in the world. Combining best-of-breed functionality with an intuitive interface, Zinc enables fast, secure approval of all types of materials including print documents, rich digital media files, apps and websites.

Zinc Ahead is a privately owned company with headquarters in the United Kingdom and operations in the United States, Central Europe, and Asia.

For more information please visit zinc-ahead.com.

Zinc Ahead
Anna Dunmeyer
Director, Marketing Communications, Americas

About Center for Communication Compliance (CCC)
CCC has a portfolio of proprietary strategies and tools to help companies achieve commercial and compliance effectiveness and enduring cultural change. The offerings are reviewed by members of an advisory board of former FDA officials and regulatory lawyers. CCC educates (Train+Test System); increases promotional review efficiencies and comprehensiveness (“Science of Sequencing” algorithm); enables promotional agencies to identify sources of non-compliance in core materials prior to submitting them for promotional review (SecureCHEK Compliance Screener); and establishes benchmarks and measures change (CCC KPIs). Clients include leading promotional agencies and top 25 drug and device companies.

For more information please visit https://www.communicationcompliance.com .

Center for Communication Compliance
Wendy Hauser
Director, Communications, Global