Zinc Maps Implementation


Zinc Ahead makes the transition to Zinc MAPS easy with a tried and tested six-week implementation process.

Zinc MAPS can be integrated into your company’s day-to-day processes quickly and easily thanks to a combination of our experience and the sophistication of our software. Because Zinc MAPS is built specifically for the life sciences industry, all of our clients’ required functionality is already built in, and the detailed, flexible platform makes setup a simple, seamless process.

Our experience of implementation in over 100 life sciences companies has consolidated a clear three-step process to establishing Zinc MAPS for our clients.

  • First, we provide you with an experienced account manager to serve as your point of call within Zinc Ahead, while you nominate a Project Manager to streamline communication.
  • Second, we collect any configuration requirements, necessary data, and user acceptance information, to make sure Zinc MAPS will really take off at your company.
  • In the final phase of implementation, we provide robust, effective training to all potential users of Zinc MAPS, and ensure that they are comfortable with our software. We also provide extensive on-site support to make sure that users’ first experience of Zinc MAPS in a “live” setting goes without a hitch.

A multi-market implementation is just as easy. Through our unique process of grouping offices by country clusters, we can deliver six-week implementations even when rolling out Zinc MAPS across a large number of countries and continents.